The awaited typhoon isn’t here yet. Power supply is okay but where is Mr. Sunny Day? Are you also scared of the incoming typhoon, Mr. Sun? Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.. (As the kids’ song goes..)

Last night, together with my husband, we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the house, and some stocks for our store as well. The supermarket was so busy, a lot of people also went shopping. And thought that panic buying isn’t just for Christmas season.

You could always hear passersby talked about the typhoon. So, it’s sometimes hard to choose to feel okay when all the talking you’ve heard is almost all about these. Perhaps, I wouldn’t feel so scared if I’m single right now and no kids to worry about.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed by your thoughts and prayers as I opened my notifications this morning. In behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for your concern.

My husband left for work early this morning. And as I checked outside, the weather seems calm. But unlike yesterday, the sun didn’t show up. Though there’s no strong wind yet, but the sky shows no good sign at all.

This life-threatening typhoon all over the news and people’s word of mouth these days really scared us all. I don’t wanna know intensely  the whole details of the news updates now. I just rely on my hubby’s explanation on how strong would that be. He also explained to me according to news reports, that the super typhoon Hagupit stayed at the Pacific Ocean, and the longer it stays there, it would develop into a much more stronger typhoon.

While eating breakfast, I had this crazy conversation with my son. He asked me “Mom, if I’m going to heaven, will I become an angel?”. My heart beats faster but manage to answer him, “Yes, of course my dear.” Then he added, “Then, I will have wings and powers too?”. “Oh, yes! I said.”  Then he felt worried and asked again, “But how will I fly?, how will I control my wings? I really don’t know!” I laughed and told him,  God will guide you. 🙂 That was a funny thing, but what was this kid thinking?. He once told me that when he grew up, he wants to become a superhero. Hmmm…

Back with the typhoon update, it is said to make landfall on Saturday evening. So, we’re expecting to  have a rainy weekend.