My son is now asleep. I rushed into my laptop and keeping myself busy blogging. I preferred reading articles, leaving comments, facebooking, net surfing, etc. instead of lying beside my son and snoring.

“Knock, knock, knock” a sound from the door. I stood up and opened it. A girl friend neighbor was there and hand me over a saucer with 3 slices of yummy mango float on it. I smiled and said thank you. And closes the door as she leaves.

Mango float is some kind of cake made from biscuits filled with mango slices, cream, and condensed milk then refrigerate.

What I did next? I got my plate and fork then ate 1 slice as my share. Two slices left for mom in-law and hubby. In the afternoon my husband came home from work and gave him his share but refuse to eat it due to sore throat. I smiled to him and said “okay, thank you. I’ll eat this one too. heheh.. Me and my son shared the food together.