sinulog festival 2014

Sinulog Festival 2014


Hello, Dear Friends from around the globe. I have waited for this very moment where I could go back into writing and interacting with you guys. I’ve been out for two years and you might as well ask questions like, where I’ve been?, what has happened in my life for the past two years?, Or if there were any changes that has happened? and a lot more.

Good news is I am now officially back into writing and I’m definitely back for good. I’ll be sharing some stuffs which took place during my.. let’s just say.. my vacation.

Within the past years me and my husband manage to overcome every challenges that come along our way. Our love for our family has become much stronger and we became more responsible for each other.  we have met new persons and some of them became our friends along the way.

I am much more excited to know how you, guys have been doing lately? Back into writing, this time would also mean back into visiting your blogs once again. 🙂