Last few weeks’ experienced were not that easy for us but we are still thankful for all your concerns, your good thoughts, and most especially for all your prayers. I’m happy to tell all of you that we are all fine. We manage to stay still and made it through. But I am so sorry for not giving an update immediately. Things made me sick lately so I just give some time for myself to rest. As a full-time housewife with two kids, plus managing a mini-convenience store takes a lot of pressure. So, please bear with me and hope you’ll stay tuned for more posts. As for now, I am reblogging this one nice article which my husband wrote. You’ll see here how the typhoon devastated some of the areas here in our country, Philippines.

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pagasa 12.08.14 Typhoon “Hagupit” Ruby Latest Update.(Courtesy of

This is the latest location of the Typhoon “Hagupit” or known as  Ruby, in the Philippines.

We are expecting a super typhoon as it landfall in the Philippines. But, thank God the storm weakens as it slowly enter the PAR (Philippines Area of Responsibility).

The northern part of Cebu is one of the many places that covers the route of typhoon hagupit. However, the path lifted up a bit going to the southern part of Luzon. Thus, we experienced minimal winds and rainfalls.

We are all happy though again, it took few lives of our countrymen. More or less, there were 8 fatalities reported.

Perhaps, the power of our prayers and all other nations helped a lot by sending message to God to stop the super typhoon. And yes, it was no longer a super typhoon as it enters the country.

I thank God for…

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