I bought my 1st wax hair remover for P299.00. I’ll be using  this for my underarm and I’m excited to try it. I’ve been reading blogs about other women’s experiences and how better it is using the wax instead of shaving that promotes thicker hair re-growth.  Whichever you prefer, it’s  still a personal choice.

I opt to try using this wax hair remover this time and let’s see how it works. I’m looking forward for its good benefits. We should also be aware that if this things has advantages, there would also be disadvantages.

My husband accompanied me to the mall as we looked for that hair remover. I tried asking a saleslady’s help in choosing which brand is much better. The girl compared each brand. There’s this one brand that you need to heat the wax first before applying it and its price is much lesser.

Since 1 pack is more than enough for a first try, you have to cool down the remaining wax that’s not being used and just reheat it on your next application. The pack doesn’t include spatula used for mixing and spreading the wax.

The other brand includes spatula and hair strips in the pack. And it doesn’t need to be heated so I decided to buy it though it’s more expensive but it’s hassle free for sure.