What I Missed Most Is The Bonding Moments With My Dear Friends

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I used to work at a particular company located at Mez II, Lapu-lapu City here in the Philippines. That was few years ago. My job wasn’t that easy for I have to lift up a huge tray filled with ink cartridge. Some of it were heavy and others were not. But the very special thing I can’t forget about this experienced was the friends I gained, and all our bonding moments. People were very friendly.

Late At Night

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It’s 10:45pm now and definitely time for bed but me and my son are still up, waiting for my husband to come home from work. We just love to cuddle, kiss,  tell stories, and even took pictures together. My son is very talkative indeed and he loves to ask a lot of questions. Then you need to have answers to all his queries. “I Don’t Know” for an answer isn’t acceptable for my son or else he’ll get mad and even slap you on the face. I remember her Playgroup teacher once wrote on his report card that he is enthusiastic in learning new things.

How can I sleep?

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It’s almost 12 midnight and It’s time for bed but the thing is I just had 1 cup of coffee.

Halo-halo Time

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Me and my sis in-law, Everly had lunch together at Chowking, Countrymall. We ate chao fan rice, lumpia shanghai, siomai, coke for drinks and my ever favorite halo-halo. Thank you, Lord for the food.

What Are Friends For?


Thank you for the yummy food that our neighbor gave us. They’re so thoughtful for saving our dinner tonight. They shared to us “bam.i” a common noodle dish here in the Philippines particularly in the visayas region.

Cute Mommy

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My son, LJ and I had a little conversation while lying on bed just right before an afternoon sleep. It’s what we usually do. He was hugging and kissing me while jokingly said “Mommy, you’re cute. You’re a cute cat.”

Meet My Singing Dentist


I had my dental cleaning yesterday from a dentist referred to me by my friend, Melsie. My appointment was at 2pm and at around 2:30pm there was a blackout in their area so we weren’t able to start. The last time I had my teeth cleaned was long time ago way back in my Taiwan years.  Maybe that’s why I was charged a bit higher than expected.

If you were to pay P900 for the cleaning alone what would your reaction be?  Oh, well! In fairness it was done very well and it felt really good after the process. I thought of not eating for 1 week just to avoid  My dentist is also known as a singing dentist. She sings while working on my teeth as what my friend told me. And I was also enjoying it. It relaxes the feeling.

My dental cleaning experienced abroad was so painful that it gave me a bad feeling and thought of not doing it again but then I have to this time. I had few realizations after my appointment like taking really good care of our teeth when we are young and should visit our dentists every now and then so that you’ll find out right away if there’s something you need to correct, or have it fixed.

A Place Called Home

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We are here at Joanna Legacy Homes, Compostela, Cebu City and later we will be going home to Deca Homes, Talamban.

Malls Were Closed

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It’s 12:53 am now and I’m still up . We’re at my brother in-law’s place. Today is Good Friday here in the Philippines. It’s the day on which we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Yesterday I thought of going to a mall just to but something necessary but sadly all malls nationwide were closed.. I still can’t sleep now and I felt a bit hungry. I think I’d like to eat some bread and drink a cup of coffee. Does this means I won’t be sleeping the whole day now? Uh, oh!


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Good morning everyone,

Today would be a very busy day for me. my niece and nephews are here in the house. My son, LJ is now busy playing with them. His toys were scattered all over and in a little while these boys will be running after another. My son loves to chase his cousins. Our house is now called “The Blaring House”.  And later they’ll gonna watch movies upstairs and it would be my time to clean up the mess. It’s funny watching them but sometimes it drives me crazy especially when some of them were already fighting over the toys. Wish me luck for I will be multitasking later not to mention the cooking, cleaning, yelling, etc.