Me, Myself, And I.


Can I sleep now?

No. Not now yet!


You need to accomplish this one more post to make it 25, your total posts.


So, you have to think of another interesting topic for an article to make.

Ggggrrrrr! What is it? What do you think is it?

Don’t ask me. Ask yourself.

Crazy, huh?! Can I just sleep now?

I don’t think so.

Why not, coconut? It’s already 2:29 AM.

What’s new? You always blog ’til dawn, right?

You know that?

I do.


Ask yourself how.

Hmmm.. Can you just stop talking?

You better stop asking and  I’ll stop talking.

You think I’m crazy?

Obviously, you are.

Why do you say so?

Because you’re talking to yourself, don’t you?

I know, right?

Isn’t that crazy?

No. It’s funny actually. 🙂

3:28 Of Saturday Morning


Good morning to me now who’s not sleepin’ yet and to everyone else out there who’s still busy blogging like me. Am I forgetting bedtime? Uhm.. no! I just can’t stop from stumbling upon nice blogs all over blogosphere.

 They’re pretty cool, interesting, and inspiring.You’ll meet people of different nationality from around the globe. You got to know a lot of fascinating stuffs from their everyday lives. And most of these people are kind enough to share their thoughts with you.

They never hesitate from leaving kind comments, and even follow your blog. Thank you so much guys for doing so, I really appreciate it. And in return I’m gonna do the same thing.

 I never thought that blogging would be much interesting than facebooking. hahah.. really cool. That’s one reason I temporarily deactivated my facebook account. 😉

I already went up for bed at around 11:00pm earlier but couldn’t sleep and felt an empty stomach  craving for some food to eat. So, I decided to go back down and have a snack. What did I eat? Few slices of bread, and a half cup of coffee but still unsatisfied so I made a half cup of hot chocolate drink. 😉

Problem solved!

What Jessica Sanchez and I Have In Common?


We were watching TV Patrol, a  news broadcast here in the Philippines about what’s latest on Jessica Sanchez, a Filipino-American  currently a top 2 finalist on the eleventh season of American Idol.

All over Philippine news nowadays featured her outstanding performances. She’s recently talk of the town.

Every Filipino were really excited for tomorrow’s revelation on who’s gonna win. As Jessica Sanchez’ fellow citizen, I am so proud of her for being so talented.

Even Manny Pacquiao, the first eight-division world champion hurried to catch up Jessica Sanchez’ finale performance.

What made me cheerful was when I found out that Jessica Sanchez and I share the same birthday but of different year and that’s on August 4. 😉

I’d like to wish her good luck to her journey to stardom. Hope she’s the 1st Asian to win. I may not be able to vote for her but this would be my campaign to encourage people from America to cast their votes for Jessica Sanchez.

Here are some famous celebrities who were also born on August 4:

Barack Obama – the 44th and current President of the United States
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Louis Armstrong – American jazz musician
Dominic Ochoa – a Filipino Actor

Blogging Early In The Morning


Time check is 3:36 AM. My visions are slightly blurred  ’cause I haven’t slept yet. I was too busy surfing the net for mommy blogs, and a lot more. I’m a newbie in this blogging industry or better known as blogosphere and I still have a lot to learn. I think I’m now addicted to blogging and just can’t stop it.

All television network channels have already signed off so I had to turned my cellphone music on.

I love reading others’ blogs. You will learn a lot of things about these people, their places,and anything else about their environment. Really, as of this moment I felt really sleepy. I’m in the living room alone. My companions are all sleeping upstairs.

I got too excited checking my stats, notifications, email,etc. hoping for a new viewer. hahah.. well, then I’d better be signing off now and in an hour my husband has to get up and get ready for work.

I find blogging really exciting and I’m now loving it. I’ll soon be posting some interesting stories just about anything. So, that’s all for now. I’ll be back as soon as my energy restores.

My First Wax Hair Remover


I bought my 1st wax hair remover for P299.00. I’ll be using  this for my underarm and I’m excited to try it. I’ve been reading blogs about other women’s experiences and how better it is using the wax instead of shaving that promotes thicker hair re-growth.  Whichever you prefer, it’s  still a personal choice.

I opt to try using this wax hair remover this time and let’s see how it works. I’m looking forward for its good benefits. We should also be aware that if this things has advantages, there would also be disadvantages.

My husband accompanied me to the mall as we looked for that hair remover. I tried asking a saleslady’s help in choosing which brand is much better. The girl compared each brand. There’s this one brand that you need to heat the wax first before applying it and its price is much lesser.

Since 1 pack is more than enough for a first try, you have to cool down the remaining wax that’s not being used and just reheat it on your next application. The pack doesn’t include spatula used for mixing and spreading the wax.

The other brand includes spatula and hair strips in the pack. And it doesn’t need to be heated so I decided to buy it though it’s more expensive but it’s hassle free for sure.

Dawn Of May 18, 2012


It’s 2:55am now. I’m the only one who is still awake. The door going to our terrace is still open. I can feel the air go inside out. My husband is now snoring. My son slept in the other room with my mom in-law because it’s air-conditioned and he loves it there. I just hoped he’s covered with blanket.

LJ hates being covered with blanket when going to sleep even if the room is really cold, or even if he has fever. There were cold times and I was already wearing my pajamas, socks, and even doubled my blanket just to feel warm but LJ still shows no interest in blanket.

When he’s asleep that’s my chance to cover him but sometimes I was the one who fall asleep first. hahah..

Today’s Afternoon Snack


My son is now asleep. I rushed into my laptop and keeping myself busy blogging. I preferred reading articles, leaving comments, facebooking, net surfing, etc. instead of lying beside my son and snoring.

“Knock, knock, knock” a sound from the door. I stood up and opened it. A girl friend neighbor was there and hand me over a saucer with 3 slices of yummy mango float on it. I smiled and said thank you. And closes the door as she leaves.

Mango float is some kind of cake made from biscuits filled with mango slices, cream, and condensed milk then refrigerate.

What I did next? I got my plate and fork then ate 1 slice as my share. Two slices left for mom in-law and hubby. In the afternoon my husband came home from work and gave him his share but refuse to eat it due to sore throat. I smiled to him and said “okay, thank you. I’ll eat this one too. heheh.. Me and my son shared the food together.

Yellow Plate and Cup


My son, LJ is now capable of feeding himself using his yellow set of plate and cup. I’m really glad about it though he eats very slow.  Yellow is his favorite color not to mention his yellow cars and other yellow stuffs. He has to watch cartoons while eating and sometimes enjoys playing as well.

LJ, loves to eat egg, ham, and  corned beef for breakfast. He said he doesn’t like to eat meatballs.

Early Morning Breakfast


Hello, Philippines and hello World.

I congratulate myself for waking up early today. I’ve done preparing food for breakfast. My son is still asleep. My husband has already left for work. He’ll be back in the afternoon. My mom in-law went to church early also.

After cooking, I do the laundry first since I don’t feel eating breakfast yet. My laundry basket is now empty but that’s just for a moment because later as my son wakes up, he’ll be taking a bath and me as well. So, another set of clothes for laundry. As soon as I’m done hanging the clothes outside I’ll have my breakfast. We have corned beef, dried fish, sliced bread, and hot chocolate drink for the menu.

Happy eating everyone.

My Son Got Mumps

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Almost 6 days now since my son got mumps. I’m so worried because he loses his appetite and he is also  losing weight. Sometimes at night he cried a lot because of pain below his ears. I’ve just learned that mumps lasts 9 to 14 days and some reaches 18 days. I hope my son’s mumps will last only for a few days. I really feel pity for him because he suffers much.

Tomorrow we will be going to his doctor again for another check up. Huh..it is really expensive to get sick! But it is okay, more important is the health of our family.