A little bit scared by the threat of another incoming super typhoon
here in the Philippines. Typhoon’s name would be Ruby. Forecasters estimated it to make landfall later tonight or maybe early morning tomorrow, December 4, 2014.

It was just last year when our country, Philippines was hit by a super typhoon named Haiyan (International Name). And today we are threatened again by the same calamity. I’m asking you my dear friends to say just even a little prayer for all our safety here.

Today, the weather seems okay. It’s a sunny day and a bit windy. But I choose not to open my store this morning. Alone with my 7 and 1-year old kids, I’m preparing my mind and my very self for all the household chores for today, and the stuffs for the next few days just in case the typhoon will push through.

When my husband left for work early this morning and while the kids were still sleeping, I had to do the cleaning of the house, do the cooking, and preparing my kid’s things for school.

When my son woke up this morning, he told me that he won’t go to school because he’s scared of the typhoon. He even asked me ” how can I go home this lunchtime if there’s typhoon already?” then I explained to him carefully that the typhoon isn’t coming yet, just to make him feel at ease. As he left for school I told him to come home for lunch and we’ll eat together.

On lunchtime, my son came home but unexpectedly he was carrying his backpack. He was supposed to leave his bag in school because after a one-hour lunch break he has to go back to his class. So, I asked him “Why did you bring your bag?” he then answered “I will be absent because I feel tired, Mommy.” I got his bag, it’s a little heavy anyway so, I just hugged him and no plans of interrogating him.
I felt at ease anyway because my son is just right here with me when everybody else is so busy preparing themselves from the incoming typhoon.

And that’s all for now. I promise to be back later for more updates, not unless there’s power outage.

Keep safe, everyone.