“I Am More Than Just A Volunteer”

~Bab/ Bon Team Theme~

Ramon Durano Foundation Compound was located at Brgy. Guinsay, Danao City, Philippines. A 2 hectare compound which includes Church, various monuments of different popes, saints and biblical events. The monument represents the popes from St. Peter up to Pope Paul IV dated from 1963 until 1978. There are 14 small white buildings and each housed every station of the cross. There are more religious structures that will satisfy your faith and will surely amazed you. See it for yourself and spend time to roam around the compound.

Ramon Durano Foundation is also known here as the “Home For The Aged”. There are also homeless street children and some few unfortunate children who were brought there away from their family because their family can’t afford to raise them. The foundation is now in charge of sustaining their everyday needs with the help also of some concerned citizens, some public and private sectors who extended their helping hands for some donations.

Last June 24, 2012, the Feast day of St. John “The Baptist” at the same time the birthday of my son, Lawrence John. My family and my co-workers went to Ramon Durano Foundation and spent the holiday feeding them. My son spent his birthday together with us at the foundation. We all had a great time and was so blessed having been shared our special time with the elders and children.

The activity was organized and led by our manufacturing, Bab/Bon/ department.

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