Just some funny photo that I’d like to share. This was taken at Intosan Resort, Danao City, Philippines during our family outing last 2 years ago.

We rented a passenger jeepney to transport us back and forth at approx. 33 km north from our place, Cebu City. We came along with foods bought from outside.

The place was nice.It provides the ultimate outdoor water park experience kids will surely love. Entrance fee is P120.00 ($2.83). Cottages and rooms were also available with different rates.

We had so much fun specially the kids(my son, nephews and niece, we enjoyed swimming in the pool. Thanks to my dear mom who’s very kind and was never tired of sponsoring all of our family outings.

The photo above was photographed by my sister, Malyn. And the idea of the set up was originally by my younger brother, Jones whose feet appears beside me. Crazy huh?! 🙂