Thank you for visiting my blog. I know most of you are busy and have lots of other important things to do yet you are here sharing a portion of your precious time reading my post. My deepest THANK YOU!

Sometimes, these two powerful words are missing in our daily activities. We are not aware that it adds credit to our goals. It will help clear our path from any obstacles in achieving things, whatever we wish to do.

A lot of people had a hard time in saying or writing “thank you” to the people around them.

The importance of saying “Thank You”:

There are no standards in order to weigh the importance of saying “thank you”. What matters most is the reward that the person receives that gratitude. More often we do not realize that it will help them boost their performance to whom we deliver the thank you phrase. Like for example in our working place, if a person has done good things to us, let us not forget to say the magic word “thank you” because it will create good things to whatever they do for the entire day.

My personal experience..

Yesterday, my manager asked me to make some action to a certain critical problem in our company. Let’s make the story short; I’ve done the best I could in a short possible time. After doing so, I relay the results to my manager and explained to him what I did. My manager was pleased and he thanked me a lot. The words “Thank you so much for the good action” really lifted me and it completed my day. I was so proud and happy that day and I feel like working for more.

My point is, if we want a good relationship with our boss, co-workers, family, friends and relatives let us just give a simple “thank you” reward to them.

There were some instances that people forget to say “thank you” because they are filled with doubts and hopelessness.

In the family, both husband and wife must stick together in order to fight whatever hindrance that will come along their way. Both vowed to live together “for richer and poorer and in sickness and in health” yet along the way in their daily lives things changed.

Sometimes hardships enters our married lives and let us not forget to say thank you even though we are in the middle of difficulties. For the wives: do not hesitate to say “thank you” to your husband though they failed in some point. Thank them for providing food for the family. Husbands: thank your wife for taking care of you, your children, and your place called home, every day.

I believed in saying such simple “Thank you” message will create a wonderful relationship and understanding between you and the people that surrounds you.

“Thank You So Much”


Fel Amejan