Her name is Yalin and I missed her so much. We became friends last 2004 when I came to work in Taiwan and became best friends few months after we’ve met. We worked at the same electronic company.

I came home to the Philippines last December of 2006. I was pregnant then, so, me and my husband decided that I should go home first and resigned from work.

I love Yalin so much. She’s so special to me like a sister. She helped me a lot from work to personal matters, etc. She became my Chinese language translator as I was her English language translator. We both love stuffs with pink colors. We talked and laughed a lot. She’s always there for me and willing to lend an ear to listen if I have problems.

She is so generous not just to me but to some of our good friends also. She’s sweet. She brings us food and fruits to eat. We may have different nationality, cultures and religion but those things don’t stop us from becoming best of friends.

Working in Taiwan is so memorable to me. I also met other good Filipino and Taiwanese friends. They’re all very special to me. This post would not be enough to describe all the good memories I have spent with them. I missed everything about Taiwan.

When they found out that I was pregnant they were all happy for me but they also felt sad because I was going home to the Philippines so soon. A lot of them gave me memorable stuffs for me and for my baby. I felt so blessed for having them and I’m also very thankful for all the kindness they showed to me.

And now that I’m already here in the Philippines she never forgets about me and our friendship. She gives me a call sometimes. I hope and wish that someday I could go back again to that place and visit all my friends out there. Wo shang ni (I miss you) and Wo ai ni (I love you), Taiwan.