(L-R) Malyn and me

Meet my one and only sister, Malyn. She’s three years younger than me. She’s currently working in Taiwan and was away from home for few years now.

We’ve missed her a lot. She works hard and looking forward for a brighter future.  She definitely missed home for sure.

Malyn, though working miles away from home, she never forgets to share her blessings to us. She sends us a lot of home goodies, and other stuffs. Thanks so much for all your kindness, sis and also for your financial support during our hard times.

And most especially to our beloved mother, Mommy Nor who’s always been willing to support us.

Good news is,  she’ll be coming home so soon by October this year. We are all so excited to finally see her again  and for the presents she prepared for each one of us. lol 🙂

To my dear sister who will be celebrating her special day today: I’d like to wish you a happy, happy birthday. May our Lord, God shower you abundance of inner peace, happiness and good health + wealth. lol..

I also wish for your dreams to come true and for more blessing to share. May God bless and guide you always. We will always be here for you and we love you so much.