Ramon Durano Foundation Feeding


“I Am More Than Just A Volunteer”

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Ramon Durano Foundation Compound was located at Brgy. Guinsay, Danao City, Philippines. A 2 hectare compound which includes Church, various monuments of different popes, saints and biblical events. The monument represents the popes from St. Peter up to Pope Paul IV dated from 1963 until 1978. There are 14 small white buildings and each housed every station of the cross. There are more religious structures that will satisfy your faith and will surely amazed you. See it for yourself and spend time to roam around the compound.


Who Owns These Feet?


Just some funny photo that I’d like to share. This was taken at Intosan Resort, Danao City, Philippines during our family outing last 2 years ago.

We rented a passenger jeepney to transport us back and forth at approx. 33 km north from our place, Cebu City. We came along with foods bought from outside.

The place was nice.It provides the ultimate outdoor water park experience kids will surely love. Entrance fee is P120.00 ($2.83). Cottages and rooms were also available with different rates.


The Power Of “Thank You”


Thank you for visiting my blog. I know most of you are busy and a lot of other important things to do yet you are here sharing a portion of your precious time reading my post. My deepest THANK YOU!

Sometimes these two powerful words are missing in our daily activities. We are not aware that it adds credit to our goals. It will help clear our path from any obstacles in achieving to whatever we do.

A lot of people had a hard time in saying or writing “thank you” to the people around us.

The importance of saying “Thank You”


Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley Fight Results Controversy



Photo Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

I am neither a boxing specialist nor a sports journalist. I am just throwing my personal thoughts and research about last Saturday’s boxing (June 9, 2012) fight between Manny Paquiao and Timothy Bradley. They were both great fighter and proven boxing geniuses.

What forced me to write about the issue is that a lot of negative comments are flying around the internet every seconds and a lot of articles are popping up about the fight. I can hear huge roar looking for the scorecard to be review.

To convince myself about the fight’s result, I made a lot of research the night after the fight and watch the fight again on my TV screen. More

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